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Multi-Currencies Detector

Model: BYD-08A


Speed: <2s/paper

Function: MAG、IR、UV、MT/

Power Supply: DC12V

Volume: 436 × 166 × 103mm

Weight: 1.4kg

Power: <10W

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Product introduction


  • Suitable for all the current using EURO, USD, GBP, RUBLE notes, can also add other currencies as your appointed, such as HKD, JPY, AUD, CAD and so on.
  • Designed according to the special character and their print feature of the notes been checked, as well as the counter-fake characteristics of them.
  • Exclusively owned technology: Security thread detection: using our patent high-sensitive sensor to make a dynamic quantificational analyze, which can check the encrypted signals on the Security thread, as well as the material of the Security threads the notes been used.
  • Infrared detection: using the special IR sensor to make a dynamic quantificational analyze, which can check the quantum of IR reflex ink and IR absorptive ink printed on the notes.
  • Magnetism distribution detects: Advanced high-sensitivity magnetic sensor, to analyze the feature of special character of the notes by dynamic quantificational analysis.
  • Traditional texture detection: using IR sensor also to check the texture of the notes been checked to make a compare, to make a judgment according to the paper texture and ink component of the genuine notes.
  • LCD Displaying: it can show the denomination, total amount, PCs and error massage.
  • Automatically distinguish the fake notes from the genuine ones, with fake notes returned and error massage presents, as well as sound caution, easy to operate.
  • Quickly inquire out all the information of the genuine notes been checked.
  • Provided with upgrading jack, can be easily upgraded even from long distance.
  • Fine in appearance, quick in speed, easy in operation, with reasonable price and reliable quality.


  • Power supply: DC 12V
  • Power consumption: < 10W
  • Detection speed: < 2 sec/pc
  • Work Temperature: 0~40℃
  • Dimension: 436 × 166 × 103mm
  •  Weight: 1.4kg

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GB16999-2010 《The beneficial general technical conditions》
GB16999-1997《RMB Counterfeit Bill Detector》

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